I decided to get box braid instead of twist (felt lazy to do my hair on my own) as a protective style for December, I wanted to cornrow my hair but the hair stylist convinced me to get box braid so that how I ended up with this new hair style but she was right to insist because I am in love with them, they change me a little from my usual twist style.

If you like this style and want to get them just buy some braids extension and have them install by your stylist or yourself if you can however there are some few  tips to remember to avoid breakage and will find your hair healthy when you decide to unravel them .

Here my  3 Do’s and Don’ts for maintaining your braids or twists.


  1. Protect your hair by sleeping with a scarf while having your braids in , we tend to forget or neglect the scarf when we wear some protective style, same as for loose hair scarf helps to retain moisture. A satin scarf is the best.
  2. Moisturize your hair, invest in a spray bottle and spray your scalp regularly with water or homemade water base moisturize and after seal your hair with any  cream of your choice once a week.
  3. Keep your hair clean by washing them if needed, I know some women keep their hair over a month without cleaning , I would advise no to do that a minimum of 2 weeks it is fine but you can always wash them earlier depends on the individual.


  1. Don’t tight your hair too much when braiding.
  2. Avoid too much hairstyles that put tension on your scalp especially hairline like high bun which is a the number one hairstyle most women do with braids ,
  3. Don’t leave your braids in for more than 2 months , some stylist recommend 4 to 6 weeks but I usually go up to 8 weeks.



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    Please put up maintenance tips for weaves also.. I find it extremely hard to moisturise my natural hair when wearing a weave. Thanx for the tips xo

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