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Natural hair maintenance slightly differ from relaxed hair and if you don’t understand this basic principle, you may be discouraged and go back to relaxer to make your life easier. I have heard a lot of women saying this. Every woman is unique and different like all human hair is beautiful and unique . It is up to us women to bring out that beauty from them Ladies! Whether you have relaxed, protective styles or natural hair, the basics are such that your hair should always be clean.


1. Always sleep with a scarf. A satin or silk scarf are highly recommended because it help hair retain moisture.


2. Moisturize your scalp  with natural oil to avoid dryness

3. Pre poo (Pre Shampoo) your hair with different hair mask or hot oil treatment

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4.Shampoo your hair with Sulfate free shampoo

5. Co Wash your (washing your hair with a conditioner instead of using the shampoo),now you can find easily Co Wash products already made.

6. Always Condition your hair after Shampoo

7. Use the LOC method:” Liquid (leave-in conditioner based on water), Oil (oil or butter) and Cream (styling cream or gel). Moisture your hair and then seal it with a hair butter or oil, so that all the moisture is locked in. At the same time you optimally protect your hair.

8. Never detangle on dry  hair “napapata my Ladies”(please ladies) always on damp hair with a wide-tooth comb bottom up and detangle by section.

9. Wash your hair regularly (once a week, once every 10 days, once every 2weeks) but please don’t keep them over a month without washing them thinking you are promoting growth. That is a myth let me disappoint you sorry for that my Ladies, it is just not hygienic and not healthy.

10.Don’t over wear protective style (weaves, wigs, box braids), give your hair a break from time to time.

11. Avoid hairstyles which put tension on your temple area

12. Trim your ends if needed

13. Use a low heat setting for hair drying

14. Drink plenty of Water

15. Eat healthier

16. Be patient! Your hair will grow.

Disclaimer: I am not saying those are bibles quotes but they are basics rule to know for every woman who are beginning in their journey ,to each his own so everyone should do what they feel is better for their hair.


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