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follow site As promised in my  post twist out  ,here an update on my twist out after 15 days. Believe it or not I kept that twist out for 17 days .I washed my hair today and will put in twists again.
My maintenance was very minimal, was sleeping with my scarf as usual and every morning will spray them with water mixed with oils(Olive , Avocado and Jojoba).
Personally I prefer my twists out on Day 17. What about you ? Do you like them fresh or old?


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    You're beautiful Josiane. LOVE your haircolor ^_^

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      Thank you so much Geri, that is very kind of you and thanks for stopping by

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    I need to give twist out a try. I can only twist my hair to a certain level. After that I give up.. I will ask someone to do them for me. You look too beautiful for me not to give it a try 😍👍

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      Thank you Lucy , that is one of my favorite style . I agree it is time consuming especially if your hair is short but ask her friend like you suggested and please send me a picture or let me know how it turns out.

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