It is quite difficult to find natural products for skin or hair care on the market, especially, here in Ndola. I am not really into making my own beauty products mostly because some ingredients are no easy to find unless ordered them overseas. However, this hair cream I have made is my first one and would gladly say that l am really pleased the way it has turned out.

All the ingredients are easily found in town and it will only take about fifteen minutes of your precious time to make it.

Next time I will add some Vitamin E to the cream to refine it further.

The cream can be customized to get your desired scent.


·         Hand mixer or stand mixer

·         Container

·         Bowl

·         Pastula


·         2 tbsp Coconut oil

·         1 tbsp Olive oil

·         1 tbsp Jojoba oil

·         1 tbsp almond oil

·         1 tbsp Jamaican black castor oil

·         1 tbsp avocado oil

·         3 tbsp pure shea butter

·         Optional: 4 drops peppermint essential oil or any other to suit your preference


Melt down the shea butter in a microwave for a few seconds (I put mine in the sun to melt) and put in a bowl.

Next, add the remaining ingredients and stir well to combine for about 2-3 minutes or until you have a creamy appearance and transfer to a small container with a lid.

You can store at room temperature.
Bravo you have just made your own hair cream.
If you make this cream, Please give me your feedback in the comments. It will be much appreciated.



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    I made mine almost 3 months ago and I love it! Tho I store mine in the fridge.. What are the benefits of storing it at room temperature? Otherwise It's definitely worth the try.

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      I really love this cream , I made a small portion and stored at room temperature not in direct light .I think if you make a big portion it is better to store in the fridge but there is no benefits of storing at RT, it is just a matter of preference.

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