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First Crochet Braids. Cooking 

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids  hmm should I say crochet braid imitation or just my 1st needle braid J if it can be  so called like this , you will understand why I used that word , I guess we call it crochet braid because  we use a crochet to install the hair  ( Oh yes you will answer  me obviously that make sense) but in my case did not use a crochet because  crochet‘s hair can’t be find in Ndola if you know a place where to purchase please just leave me a message will appreciate.  Mom got me one from  the USA but just been told I can find them in Lusaka as well youpiiii so no more stress.

So am sure you are asking yourself right now, what did she use?

«Le azioni restano il posto giusto binary speedbot software per opzioni». Paul O’ Connor è il responsabile del team di strategie multi-asset di Janus Henderson - una delle Well just used yarn and needle , tadaaaa.
Tools I used:

  • Yarn
  • Needle
  • 2,5 packs of Soft dreads locs  divided by two(Angels ).

It took me 2days to install that, I know I can afford to go to a salon and it is cheaper than  overseas but  most of the time I like to take care of my hair to avoid breakage and hairstylist sometimes seems to  always be right than the customer whenever  you tell them  that not the way you want them to do your hair , they can advise but not to impose to you  a style they have dreamt about it so we are becoming some guinea pig to them ,that one of the reason I cut my dreadlocs  they wax was too much and the locs had a lot of product buildup(Honestly husband found them not tidy  that the way I liked them, but he preferred the manicure ones so decided to cut them no regret at all , still loving you my baby 🙂 )  .

thanksgiving hookup I had a simple routine for maintenance, every morning I would finger detangle and use the scissor is to get rid of them knots.
I moisturized my scalp every 2 days with Castor Oil and Shampooed after 2 weeks.

So far so good no complain I have planned to keep this protective style for 8 weeks, but finally kept them for 6 weeks because the front part straightened with the heat from the oven when I was baking, was checking the muffins and the hair (soft dreadslocs were in direct contact with the heat so be careful, tie your hair in ponytail or wear a scarf to avoid that.

follow site follow PROS and CONS.

Pros: I will definitely rock this style again I think it suits me , I had a lot of compliments the color was perfect , and people were asking me if it the same quality we found in town(Ndola) , the secret was just maintenance.

Cons: It is a little bit full compare to the freetress hair I had.


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