Hourra, i finish my scarf…

..It took me almost one year, unbelievable but trust me.I’m really happy than i can wear it , i’m really proud of myself.My first project finished …just one advice for beginner like.If u want to learn how to knit or crochet , the best project for you to begin is a scarf but please i beg u, don’t make the same mistake i did, i began mine with small needles i’m telling u i wanted to give up,that why it took me ages to achieve but the time i finished two other more project.
Enjoy my scarf!!!

Lecon du jour:

L’echarpe est un bon moyen pour apprendre a tricoter et se familiariser avec different point du tricot , du moins ce que je pense , mais un conseil utiliser une grosse laine et des grosses aiguilles pour ca sinon, vous risquerez de vous decourager et ne plus vouloir continuer a tricoter.

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