My childhood hairstyle, I remember wearing this hairstyle included cornrows from primary to secondary school. Cornrows, Threading style and short hair are the most common hairstyle accepted in government school in Zambia and D.R.Congo. Some of you will recognize themselves in my today story.

Can you imagine it will be more than 15 years I had not  worn either  African threading style or would  I ever  thought  one day  to love them again ?

Ok, don‘t get me wrong, I don’t hate them but I was tired of this hairstyles specially the threading. I don’t really know why but I think because this hairstyle is not often advertised to be worn for specials occasions it often portrayed to be a casual style.

In my opinion it is time to change our mindset and start to embrace this hairstyle which I find very versatile like cornrows, box braids, weaves, etc…

Lastly, please my ladies don’t forget go my motto regarding any hairstyle you wear; source accessorize always. The hair can be worn for 2 weeks, remember to sleep with a scarf and apply your preferred oil on your scalp when needed.

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Do you think you can wear any African threading style for special occasions? Share your thoughts.


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    Like the hairstyle. Real African beauty.

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      Thank you mon Cheri!!

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    Hi I remember this hairstyle too and I am from Zimbabwe did you do this style yourself?Tutorial please

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      Hi Nomvie,

      No I did not do myself because I can’t do the line properly for this one. But trust me it is easy just show a hairstylist he will be able to do it.
      Thank you to stop by 🙂

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    Très jolie!!! J’adore! Ça fait presque 20 ans que je n’ai pas porté cette coiffure!!! Super beau!

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      Merci Amina, je sais qu on neglige cette coiffure Mais comme tout autre coiffure il suffit juste de la mettre en valeur avec quelques accessoires.

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