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My Natural Journey,

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I would like to share my brief story regarding my hair.  I have had natural for the last 13 years as I lived in Cracow, Poland where African hair saloons were non-existent   even now to a certain extent. For summer holidays, I used to go back home to Congo  and  usually will have my hair done in mini box braids to keep them longer  to avoid to look for somebody to style my hair once back to Cracow.

source url That holiday had my hair braided and kept my mini braids for almost 6 months. I relaxed the root while still having braids in as was the trend in DR Congo , crazy and impossible as it may seem but believe it or not,  I did it!  

I did not rinse out the chemical properly so just imagine the horror when I unraveled the braids. My hair was falling down and just remained with some on top of my head . Little by little, I was researching how to style my hair by myself since there was no hair saloon for people of colour in Cracow. In my quest, I found many black American websites showing how to take care of relaxed hair and from there found and Bouclesetcotons for natural hair.  I totally fell in love with Natural hair and since that time decided to go natural.
You may wonder why for 13 years  my hair has not grown long? It  because I kept on cutting,I had dread locks on three occasions , but this time I am growing my hair and will start documenting  this hair journey from my last Big Chop (BC).

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