My lace capelet

Pour une debutante c’est un modele a
essayer,le modele vous pouvez le
trouvez ici , tres facile en plus original.N’hesitez pas a l’essayer.Le mien est en 100% mohair car je n’ai pas pu trouver le fil adequat. J’ai appris des nouveaux points avec ce modele, je vous le recommande vivement.

Lecon du jour:

La mohair est tres delicate et il faut faire tres attention en tricotant car une fois tricotee , il est parfois difficile de defaire votre ouvrage.

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    Bonjour! I studied French many years ago but find that I speak better than I can write. Like you, I am a newbie to knitting and am going to get started on the Isabeau purse, too. I love your caplet. It is beautiful !!! And you wear it nicely. Do you have a pattern that you followed? I would love to try that.

    Knitting is addictive, isn’t it? And I love your choice of yarns.

    Take care,


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    C’est tres jolie. Bienvenue a la trichoter. Il y a long temps depuis j’ai parle le francais. J’ai besoin de le pratiquer plus. Tu peut me trouver chez mon endroit “Sweet Knittilicious Spot”
    Je m’appelle Carmen.

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    Hello, I found you on SistahKnit. I love your capelet and scarf. You are a natural at knitting! Congratulations on learning to knit via internet. Many years ago I learned from a book. Knit on!

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    Thanks ladies by stopping and leaving some nice comment 😉

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    That’s a gorgeous capelet! You’ve inspired me to put it on my list of to-dos.

    Your hair is lovely too!! I also believe natural and healthy is definitely the way to go. Have you been to

    Hello from a knitting sistah in Colorado 🙂

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