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I would like to start this new blog with something very interesting and exciting. Let everybody say yippee !!! Continue reading and you will thank me for doing so!  
I am going to talk about my weight loss journey and  I definitely know it will help and inspire someone.
I never for a minute in my life ever thought that I would be concerned about my weight because I have always been skinny. I am 1,73cm and weighted only 57 kg! Of course I am talking about 12 years ago .In 2014 before my wedding I was 65 kg which was fine for me considering my height. During my first pregnancy, I gained 20kg and managed to lose 15kg post pregnancy. I struggled to lose the remaining 5kg so maintained 65 kg up to my second pregnancy.

My second pregnancy started with 65 kg and I put on 25.5 kg (I know is too much), and the worst thing is when I met different people they were just amazed how big I had become . Some asked me if I would one day return to my initial weight. Of course with confidence I would answer, “YES I WILL J “As usual in life, some discouraged me with negative comments.
Agreed! It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy and sometimes after. However, I am not broaching a new subject but my aim is to encourage women, unless it is their’s or their husband’s wish for them to remain big, taking into consideration different cultures.  However, we need to encourage our women, especially in Africa to live healthy. Again when I talk about African culture, I talk more about DR Congo because I am a Congolese and that is the culture I am familiar with. However, as Africans, we need to encourage each other by promoting and adopting a healthy lifestyle and not always finding excuses to avoid exercise.
Talking about culture, when I was a teenager I was so skinny as earlier mentioned had a complex that I did not have a derriere (big bottom). Of course in DR Congo a woman should have a big derriere as it is one of the criteria for beauty. I for one did not have it and even now still have a small one! One that I love J and don’t know if the mentality of a big one still remains. I am not a man hence would not know! Maybe new generation looks at beauty in a different perspective. That is another topic to debate for another day I guess!
At the end of the day, it is everyone’s choice, as they say      “each to his own”! Some want to be fat, others skinny, but what matters is to feel comfortable with yourself.
I had to believe in myself that I could be able to lose weight no matter what.Up to 4 months postnatal, I managed to lose 14.6 kg effortless and was stuck with 10.9 kg to lose but nothing was changing. Ok I must confess! I was careless with my eating as well hence only have myself to blame.
Later, I took a decision that it was time to  take action  with a diet but did not know how and where to start .The  only things I knew were to change my diet and more exercising but where to  start ??? That was the Question?
To make a long story short I started with the 3 Days Military diet found on Pinterest. After sometime, I  did the GM Diet found  on Pinterest  as well  and managed to lose 7 kg in 3 months . Both diets can be found on their respective websites for detailed information.
Funny story: We went to Lubumbashi (DRCongo) for one of my nephews’ wedding and a cousin of mine could not recognize me at church. She only recognized my husband was wondering with her husband who is the lady sitting next to my husband was. It was funny but felt bad and committed myself to lose weight.
Am still in my weight lost journey and I am happy, hard work is paying off now  .
So my husband and I both started Monday 2nd November 2015) the 21 day fix Meal PLAN. Let me rectify! I will say that we have started a meal plan for 21 days because we have not ordered the book yet and I don‘t know if it can be delivered in Zambia, so I will have to find out.
The meal plan is based on different information gathered by different bloggers who purchased the kit 21 day fix by Autumn Calabrese.

This is our Sample meal plan inspired by Days to Fitness


Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Meal 1    (breakfast) Oatmeal           12 almonds    Boiled Eggs Banana       Scrambled Eggs 1 slice of bread peanut butter Oatmeal      Scrambled Eggs 1 slice of bread  Avocado peanut butter Muffin Scrambled Eggs 1 slice of bread  Avocado peanut butter
Meal 2      (morning snack) Cumcumber with Plain Yogurt Tuna Oil Apple 1/2 Banana Banana with Plain Yogurt 1/2 Banana Mango with Plain Yogurt Grapes with Greek Yogurt
Meal 3         (lunch) Wild Rice  Sardines Brocoli Olives 2tsp EVOO Wild Rice  Beans   Chicken mince Pasta Tuna Green Beans Cheddar Wild Rice  Sardines Brocoli  2tsp EVOO Steamed fish with ginger   Green Salad Dressing Beans  Sardines  Cauliflower Steak Sirloin  Green Salad Dressing
Meal 4     (afternoon snack) Boiled eggs with 1/2 Orange Carrots Green Beans Plain Yogurt with Apple Cottage Cheese Grapes Plain Yogurt   Steamed Veggies 
Meal 5        (dinner) Ham slices with Raw carrots Fruit Chicken breast Green salad   Feta Cheese Dressing Steak sirloin Broccoli  Dressing Chicken breast Green salad  Tomato Feta Cheese Dressing Pasta   Mince Meat Green Beans Cheddar Chicken breast Green salad   Feta Cheese Mango  Dressing Pasta   Mince Meat Green Beans Cheddar

الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة autotrader

I will give my review a week after

Starting date: 2/11/2015

Staring weight: 68,5 kg

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Do it for yourself first, to make yourself comfortable.

Whenever you feel you are ready to embrace the journey, it is about you not your spouse, not your friends, YOU and only YOU.

There are a lot of different diets, exercise plan for free on the net to help you to lose weight, just find what suits you. And do it at your own pace , there is no competition but just  follow this Golden rule “ Don t gain back what you lose “ you can get stuck with your new weight for months it is ok as long as you maintain it and continue your diet whenever you feel  ready again.
And Love yourself!!!

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