What a refreshing way to start November fueled with some energy. I could not think of a better welcome for “November “than making a nice Lemonade for home.

Lemons are quiet expensive in Zambia, what was I expecting? If most of them are imported?    Time to start farming citrus fruits in big quantity that will drop the price big time. That being said making a lemonade very often from fresh lemons, be prepared to spend more than your planned budget and worse if you are a big family like us.


We have been blessed with our neighbor my husband workmate, he has lemon trees in his yard so we are always welcomed to go and pick as many as we want.

You need 3 main ingredients to make your homemade lemonade:

  • Lemon juice preferably squeezed from fresh ones,
  • Water,
  • Sugar or other alternative like sweetener, honey if you are on a healthy eating lifestyle.
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You find many recipes on Pinterest, I followed this one.

Now you have no excuse to not giving a try for your munchkins.

My kids enjoyed, it is really a good change from fizzy drinks, my son was drinking for almost an hour telling me he wanted the taste to last for longer. Unfortunately all good things come to an end.







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