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go here For my 6th birthday daughter , I wanted to bake a well presented birthday cake with CREAM , I can bake but nice cakes decorating have always intimidated me . I am not a huge fan of icing cakes or too much heavy cream on a cake but let agree Icing is a way to go for making fancy cake designs.

go Back home , there is a bakery called “LA BRIOCHE” , it has been there since am a child so I guess more than 25 and folks they have the best pastries.
In Zambia I was looking for a similar bakery and specially for cake but I have never found or been satisfied with what I have tasted so far .
So the solution is in my kitchen means I need to learn to make them myself and improve what I already know.

I came across this recipe on the net while searching for a cake with follow url Chantilly cream, it is very easy and your family, guests, friends will take you for a real enter site Chef.
The cake buy Tastylia Oral Strip online no prescription was follow site so good , soft and  the cream light though my decoration skills need some improvement.
I can not find in Zambia any vanilla sugar, the way to go is to make your own or use vanilla extract (that what I used for my cake).

training sistema binario Send me a picture of your cake if you decide to make one .

follow link Bon Appetit!!!!


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    Wanted to make but recipe is in French. …google translate is not so good….

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      I can translate it for you in English if you want .Just let me know , whoever is thank you for stopping by.

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